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MakeWad is an internal development tool intended for automating the creation of texture WADs. Its source code is available on GitHub.

At the time of writing, only the creation of WAD2-format files is supported. Binary releases of MakeWad can be obtained here.


MakeWad receives three parameters in order:

  1. An input path leading to a folder containing PNG images.
  2. An input path leading to a palette lump.
  3. An output path for the resultant texture WAD.


This tutorial is intended to aid Windows users that are unfamiliar with the command-line.

  1. Within the folder containing makewad.exe, create a new folder containing all of your custom textures in PNG format. Ex: A folder called DuskTextures
  2. Obtain a palette file to use. These are commonly found in the form of a palette.lmp file. Place this in the same folder as makewad.exe.
  3. With the makewad folder open in Windows Explorer, enter cmd into the address bar.
  4. A Command Prompt window should now open. Enter makewad DuskTextures palette.lmp custom.wad, changing the values to be relevant to your setup.

Ex: makewad DuskTextures palette.lmp custom.wad

Assuming your texture folder is named DuskTextures and your palette file is named palette.lmp, you should now have a custom.wad file with which you can map.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I place makewad.exe and palette.lmp in the same folder as my textures?

Yes. The steps are otherwise the same, aside from requiring that you simply enter . instead of a folder name when running makewad.