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How and why you need to contact EVX Store?[edit]

How do you generally contact the store if you have any doubt or are unsatisfied about the product? Simply visit the store, tell him your requirement or complaint he will try, the store owner will try to solve it if he really wants to then and if not then you will be having an argument in the middle of the street and unsatisfied with his behavior and modesty you won't go to the store again. But in the case of an online store, due to no contact policy, you won't be able to deal with the seller directly but through the site only in which you have been shopping, or you wish to shop. If you are new to the online store, then you will obviously need more information about the store and the products the store is selling. To get that information, either you can contact the service manager, or you mail your requirements and questions depending on individual preference. According to a few surveys, it has been known that most people prefer verbal information. This is because many stores or sites don't provide the information that satisfies the maximum client's requirement. For that to happen, market knowledge of the consumer wants should be gained through research. If you want to submit any complaint regarding the product you have purchased and are not satisfied with it, then you will go through the return product process, which every store/company should have to make the return process easier. And if any company doesn't have it, then the only option remaining with the customer is to mail the complaint and wait for the reply, which indeed makes the consumer helpless and make a decision to switch the store. By analyzing and gathering all necessary information about how the customers will be in advantage to contact and reach the store, the EVX store has developed their policies and mentioned them in their terms and conditions page in a quite descriptive manner. To Contact the store is very easy as the address where one can return their package is given on the site, and a also stroll free number is given where one of their employees will be sitting and solving all the problems or queries one has. About their return process, a block is put forth on their site where one has to fill the form, send the product to the mentioned location and receive a receipt.