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Why Solve Past Question Papers[edit]

Students preparing for their tests may have heard of the strategy of solving past years' papers to prepare for their exams. But one may wonder what benefits it has. Does it really work? Yes, practicing Edexcel Past Papers and other past question papers significantly increase one's exam score. One can understand which topics they need to improve on and the ones they are already good at. After practicing the past question papers, one knows the paper pattern and the type of questions that will come for the real exam. There are other benefits too, as explained below: • Practice Makes One Perfect: When one practice writing past question papers and has gotten used to writing in that way, they can do it faster and write better answers. One will get used to using that paper pattern and practicing writing answers. So when one writes the real exam, they will write good and accurate answers in a neat and organized manner. One will also know the types of questions that will come for their exam. So they can study and prepare accordingly for those questions. • Improvement Of Speed: One can time themselves when writing the past practice paper, with an alarm clock or a stopwatch. This way, they can improve their speed in writing the paper and will learn to write faster. They will then not run out of time in the real exams. And when they finish quickly, they can go through their answers and make some corrections. When they write their paper quickly, they can then finish even the lengthier papers with time to spare. After practicing the past question papers, one will know and understand the paper pattern. So with this in mind, they will be able to plan their paper and write it well. They can then write their answers all neatly and correctly in a neat, orderly manner. • Improving On Weak Areas: When on finished writing the past practice question paper, they will understand which topics they are good at and which ones they need more practice in. They can then manage their time efficiently and study accordingly. They can spend more time learning topics they are weak in and lesser time on those topics they are proficient in. • Improvement Of Confidence: After practicing past question papers, one is more confident that they will score well in their real exams. This leads to them writing their answers confidently and performing well in their exams. They will not have any exam fear or anxiety to hinder them as they write their exams. This way, they will score well in their exams.