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Travel In New York[edit]

There are hotels rooms available near the Grand Central Terminal so that travelers can easily go about traveling. The Westgate Grand Central Hotel is a prime example of this, given its location in the heart of Manhattan. They offer boarding passes to guests, making things significantly easier. The hotel has its own tavern with its on-the-go Snacks, including sandwiches, soups and salads. They serve excellent beverages, including wine, spirits, beer and cocktails. They also serve caffeinated drinks like Starbucks coffee, Frappuccino, cappuccino, expresso and others. If one loves tea, there is the well-loved Tazo Tea. There are several restaurants only a few blocks away. One can book their hotel rooms at

There are several nearby attractions like the famous Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge and others like these: Grand Central Station: • The Grand Central Station is the biggest station in the world, with 67 tracks and 44 platforms. It takes up a vast land space of 48 acres or 19 hectares. • It was built in 1871, making it 150 years old today. • No trains pass through the Grand Central Terminal. It is the final station, so no trains pass through it. However, under normal circumstances, usually more than 750,000 people do one on a daily basis. During holidays and festivals seasons, more than a million passengers travel here. • There are ten exquisite chandeliers in the Grand Central Terminal's front lobby. Each of them was decorated with gold and held 110 light bulbs. • The ceiling showcases 2,500 stars from the Mediterranean winter sky. But it is placed upside down as it did during medieval times. This medieval tradition is done this way so that it looks like the way God views it. This might have been a mishap caused due to a mix-up in sketches but was never rectified. • The Grand Central Station has an iconic whispering gallery. If one whispers something into a corner, the person on the other end hears everything said that was said. The voice is magnified and is heard loud and clear. • The Grand Central Station was built in 1871 and is the world's largest station. It has 67 tracks and 44 platforms and takes up a vast land space of 48 acres or 19 hectares. There are Oakleaf and acorn designs through the Grand Terminal. One can see it engraved in the stone, on top of clocks, and in light fixtures. The acorns are there to symbolize the Vanderbilt family. They built the Grand Central Deposit in 1871, shortly became the Grand Central Station. It was the largest building of the time in New York City. And this, thus, was a perfect monument to showcase their power.