Quake entities in dusk

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To make Quake maps playable in Dusk, each Quake entity is automatically replaced by a Dusk entity when starting the map. This list shows which Quake entity relates to which Dusk entity.


monster_dog Black Phillip
monster_army Soldier
monster_knight Priestess
monster_enforcer Welder
monster_demon1 Wendigo
monster_wizard Bone monk
monster_zombie Leatherneck
monster_fish Small Chomper
monster_shambler Cowgirl
monster_hell_knight Horror
monster_ogre Scarecrow
monster_shalrath Fork Maiden
monster_tarbaby Cart Dog
monster_oldone Nyarlathotep


item_rockets Rivet
item_shells Shell box
item_key1 Blue key
item_key2 Yellow key
item_health Large Healthpack
item_cells Crossbow bolts
item_artifact_super_damage Fast fire totem
item_invulnerability Time slowdown syringe
item_artifact_invisibility Time slowdown syringe
item_spikes Assault rife ammo
item_artifact_envirosuit Lava suit
item_armor1 Diamond
item_armor2 Diamond
item_armorinv Diamond
grenadelauncher Mortar
rocketlauncher Riveter
Nailgun Assault Rifle
lightning Crossbow
supernailgun Hunting Rifle
supershotgun Super shotgun