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This entity contains functionality or behaviour not seen in its Quake and Half-Life implementation(s).

An implementation of the func_door entity.

When triggered, doors move in a straight line until fully open, then wait a short time, then close by moving back to the starting position. The direction of travel is controlled by the angle value. The distance traveled is equal to the width of the door in that direction, less an amount specified by the lip value.

Note that doors with intersecting bounds will automatically "link," which means they will share information such as targetname and open/closed state. If you don't want a door to automatically link, use the DontLink spawn flag (see below).


key (int)[edit]

If 1-3, the door will not open unless you have the appropriate key.

  1. red key
  2. blue key
  3. yellow key

targetname (string)[edit]

The name through which this entity can be targeted. Only use this if you want the door to be locked until it is triggered by something else, such as a button.

target (string)[edit]

The targetname to trigger when the door is triggered.

killtarget (string)[edit]

the targetname of the entity that will be destroyed when the door is triggered.

wait (float)[edit]

Time in seconds the door will remain open before automatically closing again. If set to -1, it will remain open indefinitely.

speed (float)[edit]

The movement speed of the door.

lip (float)[edit]

An offset added to the default movement distance that allows the designer to adjust the amount the door travels. This value can be positive or negative; positive values reduce the distance while negative values increase the distance.

health (float)[edit]

If set to any value above 0, the door will only trigger by being shot.

message (string)[edit]

The message that displays if the player uses the door in its closed state.

angle (float)[edit]

Specifies the direction that the door will move in. A value of -1 will move the door upwards, while a value of -2 will move the door downwards.
A value of 0 moves the door left, while a value of 180 moves the door right

no_shoot (string)[edit]

Isn't used for anything right now.

rendermode (enum)[edit]

Render Mode of the entity.

  1. Normal
  2. Color
  3. Texture
  4. Glow
  5. Solid
  6. Additive

Spawn Flags[edit]

StartsOpen (2)[edit]

The door is moved to the open position at the start of the level.

DontLink (4)[edit]

The door will not automatically link with other doors that intersect its bounding box (see above).

GoldKeyRequired (8)[edit]

Implementation of a Quake spawn flag. The door will not open unless you have the yellow key (which is used as a replacement for Quake's gold key).

SilverKeyRequired (16)[edit]

Implementation of a Quake spawn flag. The door will not open unless you have the blue key (which is used as a replacement for Quake's silver key).